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Issue #5

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God is still blessing!
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Pictures, pictures, where are the pictures?
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God is still blessing!

Hello to all our friends! This is the fifth "issue" of our email newsletter. If you don't want to receive the monthly newsletter, please click here and put "Unsubscribe" in the subject line.

The month of February saw trying times for us, but even in the time of trial, God is still blessing. After our revival at Sister Lida Bain's church in Brandenburg, Kentucky I spent a few days in the hospital, followed by several days of recovery at home due to some ruptured disks in my back. I really appreciate the prayers said and the words of encouragement many of you sent to me. I am a firm believer in the power of God to heal the sick, and I am holding on to the word of God and the promises we find there. Please continue to pray for me.

Toward the end of February, Eddie's mother, Rachel Vanover, went home to be with the Lord. As you can imagine, this was a very difficult time for Eddie and Lori. The rest of the Gospel Sounds felt the loss as well; Rachel is very dear to all of us. Yes, you read correctly - I said "IS very dear to all of us". I refuse to speak of her in the past tense, because I know where she is and I know that she is living a life that we can only imagine right now. Personally, I mourn the loss of a dear friend, but I also rejoice because she is experiencing everything we have learned about Heaven and more. I can't wait until the day when we can all be reunited and Rachel can give us a guided tour of the place we can only dream about now. We love you and miss you, Rachel, and we'll see you soon!

We were in service with Pastor Ron Kissell and the fine folks at Freedom Life Worship Center in Evansville, Indiana on February 10th. We had such a great service in the morning that we were asked to come back for the Sunday Evening service. What a great time we had! This group of people really love God and they know how to worship. I truly believe great things are going to come from that church, and I can't wait to see them unfold.

We have a lot of things coming up! On March 16, 2008 at 6:00 PM we will be in service at the River of Life Church of God, located at 6001 S Kentucky Ave in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are really looking forward to being in service with Pastor Jonathan Quigley and his congregation. It's going to be a great service, so don't miss it! And this is just one of the many events we have coming up that we are excited about. For a full list of our upcoming events, please see our events page, or set up your free account at Gospel Gigs and get email notices of where we are going to be. Our Gospel Gigs website is: http://www.gospelgigs.com/showpage.asp?groupid=gospelsounds.

God is really blessing our ministry. We thank Him for everything He is doing on our behalf. Each day that goes by we see more doors that God is opening for us. Please continue to pray for us; our desire is to minister to God's children. We've seen so many who have been struggling, but God is still there to help.

Finally, we appreciate all of you who continue to pray for us as we build this ministry. Thank you so much for being a part of it. If you'd like to make a donation to Gospel Sounds Ministries you can do that via our website as well.

There is much more to come. Be sure to watch our website for more updates and information. Until next month, God Bless You!

David East

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Pictures, pictures, where are the pictures?

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Upcoming Events

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6:00 PM
Sunday Evening ConcertRiver of Life Church of God
6001 S. Kentucky Avenue
Indianapolis, IN.
4/6/2008 10:30 AMSunday Morning ConcertTrinity Fellowship Church of God
440 St. Peter Street
Indianapolis, Indiana
4/13/2008 6:00 PMSunday Evening ConcertCathedral of Praise
3006 Mesker Park Drive
Evansville, Indiana
4/19/2008 6:00 PMSaturday Evening ConcertSpiceland Pike Church of God
1941 S. Spiceland Pike
New Castle, Indiana
4/20/2008 10:30 AMSunday Morning ConcertSpiceland Pike Church of God
1941 S. Spiceland Pike
New Castle, Indiana
4/20/2008 6:00 PMSunday Evening ConcertShelburn Church of God
615 W Mill St
Shelburn, Indiana
4/27/2008 10:30 AMSunday Morning ConcertOak Hill Christian Center
4901 Oak Hill Rd.
Evansville, Indiana
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